GBC ClickMan ClickBinding Machine
475,200.00 MMK 475,200.00 MMK 475200.0 MMK
Quick and easy to use, ClickBind ClickMan is the perfect personal binder. Simply insert your papers and slide the blue bar to perforate them. Neat, circular hole punching adds the perfect finish to the final document. Punches up to 6 x 80gsm sheets at once and binds up to 145 sheets using a 16mm click.
Deli E3888 Financial Binding Machine
234,000.00 MMK 234,000.00 MMK 234000.0 MMK
Deli E3888 Financial Binding Machine. Punch diameter: 5mm; Fixed Spacing: 22mm; Special Rvieting Tube: 3847; Special Drill: 3846; Preheat time: 2-4min
Deli E3885 Financial Binding Machine
553,200.00 MMK 553,200.00 MMK 553200.0 MMK
Deli E3885 Financial Binding Machine comes with ≤38mm Binding Thicknes. This new Binding Machine featured with 5.2mm Punch diameter, 9-28mm Adjustable spacing, 3847 Special Riveting Tube, 3821 Special Drill and take 2-4min as Preheat time, 66W Rated power and Manual system.
Deli E3870 Plastic Comb Binding Machine
174,900.00 MMK 174,900.00 MMK 174900.0 MMK
Deli E3870 Comb Binding Machine. Binding ability: 350 sheets; Adjustable spacing: 3/4/5mm; Hole shape: 3*8mm; Hole spacing: 14.3mm; Dimension: 385*275*360mm
GBC CombBind110 Plastic Comb Binding Machine
429,600.00 MMK 429,600.00 MMK 429600.0 MMK
Punches up to 15 sheets and binds up to 300 sheets
Full size handle for easy punching
Smooth lever for accurate spine opening
Spine guide determines appropriate size
GBC CombBind200 Plastic Comb Binding Machine
942,000.00 MMK 942,000.00 MMK 942000.0 MMK
GBC CombBind 200 Comb Binding Machine with Intelligent Comb Opener and Punch GBC Plastic Binding Combs 21R 19.0mm with 165 Sheet Capacity, Blue
GBC CombBind C150 Pro Plastic Comb Binding Machine
1,706,400.00 MMK 1,706,400.00 MMK 1706400.0 MMK
GBC CombBind C150 Pro Comb Binding Machine is a solid and robust comb binding machine ideal for moderate volume use.
GBC W15 Wire Binding Machine
1,027,200.00 MMK 1,027,200.00 MMK 1027200.0 MMK
The compact, practical WireBind W15 is designed for everyday desktop binding. Features easy to use controls and a carry handle for portable binding. Punches up to 15 x 80gsm sheets at once and binds up to 125 sheets using a 14 mm wire.
GBC W20 Wire Binding Machine
2,760,000.00 MMK 2,760,000.00 MMK 2760000.0 MMK
Ideal for frequent office use, the sturdy and practical WireBind W20 is designed to make manual binding easier. With document separating and auto centring as standard features, the WireBind W20 can punch up to 20 x 80gsm sheets at once and up to 125 sheets using a 14 mm wire. Binds both A4 and A5 documents.