Noah mini 2 Home projector
570,000.00 MMK 570,000.00 MMK 570000.0 MMK
Noah Mini gives you the complete home cinema experience with a huge (up to) 150 inch projected screen, 720p Resolution and Hi-fi Audio Speaker Audio Speakers.
Noah Lura Home Projector 1080P
817,000.00 MMK 817,000.00 MMK 817000.0 MMK
Crystal-clear 1080p resolution (Blu-Ray/FHD), feast your eyes upon the mesmerizing sharp graphics that is a world of difference above the standard, a cheap HD native resolution portable mini projector out there
Noah Luna 2 Home projector
850,000.00 MMK 850,000.00 MMK 850000.0 MMK
the NOAH LUNA Projector brings the theater back to your home at a groundbreaking price of 530,000 while major brands easily charge 1,500,000 to 2,500,000 for the same home cinema projector set-up.
Noah COSMIC Home Projector 1080P
1,100,000.00 MMK 1,100,000.00 MMK 1100000.0 MMK
the NOAH COSMIC Projector brings the theater back to your home at a groundbreaking price of 649,000 while major brands easily charge 1,500,000 to 2,500,000 for the same home cinema projector set-up
Noah COSMIC 2 Home Projector 1080P
1,100,000.00 MMK 1,100,000.00 MMK 1100000.0 MMK
the NOAH COSMIC Projector brings the theater back to your home at a groundbreaking price of 649,000 while major brands easily charge 1,500,000 to 2,500,000 for the same home cinema projector set-up.
BenQ MX 560 DLP Projector
2,281,200.00 MMK 2,281,200.00 MMK 2281200.0 MMK
4000 ANSI Lumen High brightness and 20,000:1 High Contrast
Exclusive Data Review Mode Showcases Text and Charts in Detail
SmartEco Mode Saves Lamp Power Up To 70%
BenQ EX 600 Smart Wifi Projector
1,380,000.00 MMK 1,380,000.00 MMK 1380000.0 MMK
Convenience made easier through wireless connections, built-in business apps, and over-the-air firmware updates.
Wireless projection & mirroring capabilities across various platforms (Mac/iOS, Android, or PC) for simple and easy presentations.
Wireless projector with internet connectivity and USB reading to easily show your ideas during huddle sessions.
BenQ LH720 Laser DLP Projector
8,494,800.00 MMK 8,494,800.00 MMK 8494800.0 MMK
Built with BlueCore Laser technology, the BenQ LH720 corporate laser projector delivers 1080p images and high-color performance that can produce 90% of the Rec. 709 spectrum. IP5X Dust Guard Pro provides long-term durability with InstaShow. QCast and QCast Mirror ensure that the wireless presentation is hassle-free. The LH720 also supports LAN control and network-delivered firmware upgrades, which allow IT administrators to monitor and maintain multiple projectors from a single location.
BenQ LU930 Laser DLP Projector
10,782,000.00 MMK 10,782,000.00 MMK 10782000.0 MMK
The BenQ LU930 features a 92% Rec.709 color coverage, a high precision lens, and a certified IP5X dustproof mechanism to guarantee an ultra-high level of image quality while reducing maintenance costs. To meet the high demand for efficiency and convenience during corporate meetings, the LU930 can be paired up with optional wireless devices. Dual synchronized color wheels utilize an additive yellow segment, stimulating precise RGBY spectra for optimal chromatic performance.
BenQ X3000i True 4k HDR 4LED Projector
10,692,000.00 MMK 10,692,000.00 MMK 10692000.0 MMK
The BenQ X3000i is the bigger brother of the recently reviewed X1300i. Not in terms of its actual size; its distinctive cubic design sports the same cute, coffee-table friendly dimensions as its cheaper sibling. In specification terms, though, it’s on a different level, adding, in particular, 4K support, more zoom, an HDR Pro feature for enhancing dynamic range, and a colour system that’s claimed to cover 100 per cent of the digital cinema world’s DCI-P3 colour gamut, versus just 98 percent of the standard dynamic range Rec 709 colour gamut on the X1300i.
Vivitek BX571 Hi-Brightness Projector
1,808,400.00 MMK 1,808,400.00 MMK 1808400.0 MMK
The Vivitek BX571 is an XGA digital projector with 4,200 ANSI lumens of brightness that will light up classrooms, meeting rooms, and small boardrooms. The Vivitek BX571 comes with Digital Light Processing technology. It has a single 0.55” DLP Technology by TI Display type. It offers 4200 lumens brightness. This projector offers a native resolution of XGA (1024 x 768) and a maximum resolution of WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200). The Vivitek BX571 comes with a 25,000:1 Contrast Ratio. It is equipped with a 210W lamp and the lamp has an expected lifetime of 5,500/7,000/10,000/20,000 Hours (Normal/Eco./Dynamic/Long Eco. Mode). This projector comes with a 2W speaker that has a 32dB/29dB (Normal/Eco. Mode) noise level.
Vivitek BW572 Hi-Brightness Projector
1,981,200.00 MMK 1,981,200.00 MMK 1981200.0 MMK
The Vivitek BW572 is a WXGA digital projector with a brightness of 4,100 ANSI lumens, ideal for schools, conference rooms, and small boardrooms. The BW572 provides crystal-clear images with deep blacks and bright colors thanks to the combination of Texas Instruments' DLP and BrilliantColor chip technologies. The BW572 from Vivitek is an excellent choice for projection needs ranging from presentations to movies. The Long Eco Mode power management technology reduces energy use while extending bulb life by up to 20,000 hours. The Vivitek BW572 4100 Lumens WXGA Projector comes with 02 Years Parts & Service warranty/Lamp:12 Months Or 1000hrs Warranty.
Vivitek Qumi Z1V Mini LED Projector
948,000.00 MMK 948,000.00 MMK 948000.0 MMK
The Qumi Z1V offers a great image from a portable pocket projector, combined with powerful speakers and a long lasting battery in an all-in-one, compact-sized unit. As it only weights 660g, it is easy to take the Qumi projector to any event where an entertainment centre piece is needed. The Qumi Z1V enables users to enjoy projection with 480p resolution with a screen size of up to 75”, at a brightness level of up to 250 lumens and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. Furthermore, the LED-based Qumi comes with 30,000 hours of operation and there’s no need to change any lamps, making it an ideal long term investment.
Vivitek Qumi Z1H Mini LED Projector
1,338,000.00 MMK 1,338,000.00 MMK 1338000.0 MMK
The Z1H can project a screen size of up to 102'' at 300 lumen brightness level with HD720p resolution. Display your favourite apps or online streaming directly via WiFi to the Qumi Z1H, preload content on the 8Gb on-board storage, or directly mirror your content from mobile devices, or from the USB-C Display with compatible Android phones.
Noah Mighty Smart LED Projector
1,430,400.00 MMK 1,430,400.00 MMK 1430400.0 MMK
Packed with top-notch, premium features such as DLP display technology, auto screen adjustment, Dolby Audio speakers, touch control pad & Android 9.0 system, NOAH MIGHTY portable projector offers the best value with such high-end features. All at an amazing, industry breaking price point.
CRE C2 LED Projector
384,000.00 MMK 384,000.00 MMK 384000.0 MMK
CRE C2 Mini Projector 800*480P Led Proyector LCD 3D Android Video Beamer Home Cinema Projetor with Full Sealed Optical Engine
Panasonic PT-LB303 LCD Projector
1,380,000.00 MMK 1,380,000.00 MMK 1380000.0 MMK
The Panasonic PT-LB303U Projector is a XGA Conference Room Projector. This lamp based projector is capable of displaying 3,100 Lumens at its brightest setting with a native resolution of 1024x768 . The internal 3LCD technology is an innovative 3-chip design that sets itself apart by delivering vibrant, true-to-life images with better color brightness and a wider color gamut. This projector was first available for purchase in March 2017 and has been discontinued by Panasonic.